Date: 30/06/15

All Coco Soft Serve in Expo Milano 2015

The Expo Milano 2015, Italy was held in Milan, Italy from 1 May to 31 October 2015. The expo consisted of the pavilions from 147 countries around the world, under the theme ‘food for the future and energy for life’. This time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is assigned by Thailand government to be the host of construction and management of Thailand pavilion, which aimed to present the quality and deliciousness taste of Thai agricultural products emphasized that Thailand was kitchen of the world.

After visiting the pavilion through Hall A, B, and C, there was a supermarket section, named ‘supermarket for the future’, which selected quality, healthy, and innovative food products from Thailand for visitors to purchase. All Coco Soft Serve was one of the selected products to display in the supermarket because All Coco Soft Serve represented the freshness of Nam Hom Coconut, which can grow only in Thailand.