Date: 30/10/15

USDA Organic Farm

It has been known that “Organic farming” promotes the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem – soil, plants, animals and people. Organic agricultural methods are internationally regulated and legally enforced by many nations.

There is nothing ‘trendy’ for All Coco Co., Ltd. K Fresh Co., Ltd. it is the way we work by heart and hands based on socially responsible way. We have pursued for “Organic farming” for many years. Recently, we already achieved the standards of the USDA for 367 hacta (72 rai) of our Namhom coconut plantations. It means that our products that have been grown and processed according to uniform standards. Certification includes annual submission of an organic system plan and inspection of farm fields e.g long-term soil management, recordkeeping etc and processing facilities; including review of the facility's cleaning and pest control methods.

Our Namhom coconut farm management relies on developing biological diversity in the farms to disrupt habitat for pest organisms by the “Biological control Program” instead of using insecticides. Not only colonization of natural enemies (Bracon hebetor-good insects) of insect pests (Coconut black headed-caterpillar), “Trapped method for get rid of Rhinoceros beetles”, but also having ecological production management system e.g rearing of the Stingless bees as agents of pollination in order to promote a more harmonious relationship and natural biodiversity.